Surviving The Elements

Today will be a better day and the day after that and the day after tomorrow. She had taken her time building this home for her offspring and it would not fail. The wind had taken the previous home and shaken it so that nothing was left…or nearly nothing. Her little ones had not survived.

But her she is inspecting each piece of wood that is put into place and it is more secure. For even though there might be wind it will not be put asunder. I am young, she thinks, and her offspring will survive. In fact, she hears them now, as she is headed for home. They seem to always know when she is coming. They are so noisy and make such a raucous! But she is happy to hear it. When she gets there she counts heads and yes, there are still three and they are still just as hungry as ever. Today is a success!

Twigs woven nest
fluffy hatchlings
wide mouths open

© July 2017 Renee Espriu

I have baby robins outside my apartment that can be seen in a hedge on the other side of my deck. The first nest mother robin made was in a Mountain Ash tree and when the wind blew she lost all her eggs. That was the front side of the apartment and the tree is small and not the best place for a nest. Hopefully, this time, she will have better luck. I can see at least three heads peek up waiting to be fed and have seen mother robin be there without fail. We will see.

I created a piece of art using watercolor, acrylics and watercolor pencil for the baby robins.

Baby Robins (2)