Candied Mango


Mango Candy

This is response to Rick Daddario’s 30 DOH/Days of Haiga. Read more at The photos below was taken from the Morgue File & digitally altered
by myself.

2 Replies to “Candied Mango”

  1. aloha Renee. those look like dried mango slices—yum. of course yum on fresh mango too. i used to have a great mango tree. it had been planted by the previous owner. it was too close to the house and too big however. it dropped half it’s fruit and leaves onto the roof. which was a serious problem. so i had to have it taken down. i miss it. still, i swap avocado and other things from my yard with a couple of neighbors who both have mango trees but no avocados. so it works out well even now. your sweetness mango is making me hungry. fun. aloha r.

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