Furry Groceries

This is in response to Rick Daddario’s 30 DOH/Days of Haiga for September.  You can see more responses at http://rickdaddario.com/blog. The photo is my own taken of my two cats before they passed on. Oliver, the caramel colored cat, lived to 18yrs of age and Hemingway, his darker coated friend, lived to 16. Miss them both.

Furry Coziness

7 Replies to “Furry Groceries”

    1. Thank You! They each had such wonderful personalities. Hemingway was so smart and would try to mimic all of my own cat noises and when I rolled an ‘r’ I put in he would try to do the same. I joked he could speak cat Spanish. But they are work when they are indoor cats so now I just have my small dog to tend. Thank you Betty.


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