A New Site In Way of Explanation

This site is a work in progress presently. It took me awhile to get even this far as I am at odds with the technical world we all enjoy. Please bear with me as this might take some time. I will endeavor to post more of my own personal take on art by either creating my own pieces to go with my writing or take photos from the Morgue File, as I have on my current site http://reneejustturtleflight.com and digitize them as another way to create
art. Thank you in advance for all those who write, love art, create in other ways or all of the above.

7 Replies to “A New Site In Way of Explanation”

    1. Thank You Jamie! I bet you were thinking when I sent the link to you….where is ‘anything’? LOL I was so tired and when I finally realized that I did not have to have a Sub Domain I just added a site and gave it a Domain name. Still might change up the name and for sure the header picture and….on and on. Oh! well, it will keep me busy.


      1. Patience. These things take time and people don’t judge the evolution of it all, so no worries about that. Renee, these things are – above all else – supposed to be fun.

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      2. How did you know the “P” word was missing in action for me. In my heart I know most people do not judge but the old tape of childhood I keep trying to erase still pops up now and again. Yes, I will try to have fun this time ’round. Thank you always for your positive ways.

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    1. Thanks Sue for the vote of confidence. It took me a very long time to decide if I even should and then longer yet to decide if I should what would it contain and now it is still far from done. But not as stressful this time and am enjoying the process thus far. xoxo

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