A Murder In The Fog

A murder of crows
flocking in fog
atop a chestnut tree

© October 2018 Renee Espriu

Photo Taken From Public Domain Pictures & Created As Art

Murder In The Fog


Norwegian Forest Cat

I am posting this today without a poem attached as I want to share my first endeavor at creating a piece of art with a four legged feline. I took this fine Norwegian Forest cat from a photo that friends sent me and gave it to them as a thank you. It was well received and that is all I wanted…to make them smile.

Norwegian Forest Cat Ellen and Dwight's

© July 2018 Renee Espriu

Swift Chicks

Images taken from Public Domain and altered by myself.


tiny swift chicks chirping
demanding chorus
mother swift hunting food

© June 2018 Renee Espriu

Freedom in Endings

Photo taken from Public Domain Images & Digitally Altered.


new chapter beginning
freedom in change
preempted by ending

© May 2018 Renee Espriu

Winding Path

New Art Haiku

winding forest path
light penetrates
leaves refracting space

© May 2018 Renee Espriu